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To have a positive human and environmental impact through thoughtful planning, good design, and retooling of the urban environment.



As the City of Seattle develops its Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan and updates the Urban Village Strategy, Steinbrueck Urban Strategies has been tasked with performing an independent, expert review of the urban village criteria, classifications, boundaries, and policies in order to guide planning and enhance livability over the next 20 years.  

Building on the research and findings of the 2014 SSNAP report, the Urban Village Study examines whether urban village criteria support the possible re-classification of some urban villages and the expanded village boundaries proposed in two of the EIS alternatives. The study also assesses whether the current and/or proposed urban village designation criteria, locations and boundaries are responsive to the overarching comprehensive plan growth strategy goals and policies. In addition, we review the proposed goals and policies in the Seattle 2035 Draft Comprehensive Plan to ensure they are sufficiently complete, rigorous, purposeful, and appropriate for managing future growth while protecting quality of life, enhancing livability, and increasing social equity and opportunity. The Seattle 2035 Urban Village Study provides a plethora of neighborhood level data, along with transit walkshed and land use maps, proposed new policy criteria, and urban village functionality analyses. The document may be found here.

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​​​Seattle 2035 Urban Village Study