"As a long time downtown resident and community advocate, I first worked with Peter Steinbrueck when he chaired the City Council's Urban Development Committee. Peter's leadership and insights were critical to the success of the complex, 2006 Downtown Livability Plan and Rezone. More recently we have used Steinbrueck Urban Strategies’ professional services to support our neighborhood's interests in the rezone of South Lake Union, and on our efforts to save the Seattle Times Park. Peter’s  skills in Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Zoning and Land Use, as well as his knowledge of how city government works contributed enormously to our success." 

John Pehrson, Resident Advocate, Mirabella Retirement Community
  • SEPA Analysis and Environmental Reviews
  • Land Use and Zoning Analysis

  • GIS and Geomatic Studies Sustainability Assessments

  • Historic Building Surveys

  • Landmark Nominations

  • Neighborhood Surveys

  • Design Review

  • Expert Witnessing


From time to time, every organization faces an unusual challenge. The stakes can be high, time limited, and achieving positive outcomes an imperative. Sometimes the strategies for getting to “yes” need to be re-thought. When the Steinbrueck team is called in, it is often just such a situation, where the conventional approach has not worked, and continuing down the same path of uncertainly and high risk could be very costly. Steinbrueck Urban Strategies provides a range of smart, responsible, and highly professional, technical, and break-through strategic planning services to turn the ship back on the right course and get the job done, on time, and with the best possible results. 


  • Strategic Planning
  • ​Research and Analysis
  • ​​Owner Representation
  • Community Visioning and Facilitation
  • ​Advocacy and Communication
Advancing Earth friendly sustainable practices, 
creating healthy communities and livable cities